Ampton Reads Tintin goes live!

The e-book can be purchased from Barnes & Noble or from Amazon, depending on your preferred format and platform. Until April 3rd, it can also be purchased from my Ko-Fi for $6! Just let me know your preferred format and I'll send it to the email address of your choice. Apologies for the delay; I... Continue Reading →

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The Sad English Fish: Some Thoughts on Haddock’s Addiction and Grief in The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

A little while back, in my bande dessinée Discord server, we sat down and watched The Adventures of Tintin (2011), directed by Stephen Spielberg. I hadn’t watched this movie since it came out in cinemas, so I was delighted to see it again and evaluate it once more, this time with my newly acquired expansive... Continue Reading →

FATE: Delver Guilds of Orth

This is an adaptation of the anime setting Made In Abyss for the RPG system FATE, made available so it can be played by any other fans or anyone looking for a fun pre-made setting for their campaign. Since the only goal in this setting is to get their guild to a high rank, there... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Tintin and the Picaros

Here we are, folks. We’ve reached the final Tintin book, the last one Hergé finished before he died. Hergé didn’t write this knowing it would be the final Tintin story, and a lot of critics wish it wasn’t the final book. But beat on we must, boats against the current, or something. I’ve discussed over... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Flight 714

When I tell people about Flight 714, I call it ‘the one where Tintin gets abducted by aliens’, and I’ve yet to find someone who believes me without knowing about the book prior. Where the previous science fiction books in the Tintin series showcased the glory of modern technology and discussed the ethics and future... Continue Reading →

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