My name is Ampton! I’m a young author from Wellington, New Zealand, who is currently posting Tintin articles, literary criticism, reviews, and opinions. When I’m not uploading things here, I’m studying biology as a postgraduate student and running a backyard farm with my three chickens, Tyrannosaurus Pecks, Felociraptor, and Squeaky.

My current and planned projects are:

  • Essays covering a variety of topics including pop culture, literary criticism, and current events.
  • Ampton Reads Tintin, a complete readthrough of the Tintin series that addresses the cultural, historical and artistic contexts that frame each of the stories.
  • Ampton Reads Animorphs, an upcoming series where I read through each Animorphs book.
  • I have also penned a couple of novels that I am seeking to publish.

The name ‘Ampton’ and my icon are derived from Little Ampton robots in the retro video game Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine.

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