Changes from anime setting

This page is part of my fan-made FATE setting for the anime Made in Abyss. The master document can be found here.

The changes are:

  • The inclusion of guilds and guild rankings as an alternative to whistles. While the whistle system is cool as hell, using rankings from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon allows the players and DM to track their progress as a team in a more structured way.
  • The use of Lepidopterans (moth people) as the dominant species. This can be changed to any species, however. My friends are simply very enthusiastic about moths.
  • The inclusion of magical powers (bending) so that there is a sorcerer class. This can also be removed at the DM’s discretion, although I found it did add a lot of extra flavour to the team’s problem-solving.
  • The events of Made in Abyss have not happened, and this Orth is different from the canonical one in many ways. While I do love the series, I needed to debulk the lore for my friends who hadn’t seen it. You may include whatever characters from the series you like.
  • The gondola system, the outposts, and other features of the Abyss have been switched around for simplicity of play. Feel free to get creative with these.

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