Guild Ranking System

This page is part of my fan-made FATE setting for the anime Made in Abyss. The master document can be found here.

Missions are sent out daily to all guilds registered with the Orth Delver Headquarters. These missions vary in difficulty based on the depth and location of the Abyss and the tasks required of the guild.  In addition to receiving guild ranking points, the person or group who created the mission may give the team a reward at their own discretion.

When designing missions, use your imagination. The most common missions my players do are explorations of a previously unknown area, escort missions to take a person to somewhere they want to see, and retrieval or beast-slaying missions where the party must go somewhere and solve a problem. Missions in the First Layer should not be ranked higher than J, and missions in the Second Layer should not be ranked higher than G. Other than that, cut loose with it.

Upon reaching certain levels of guild ranking points, the guild will go up a rank, which will unlock greater access to resources controlled by the Orth Delver Headquarters. There is also social prestige associated with higher ranks, and guilds that rank at Hero or above are regarded as the treasures of Orth town.

Rank namePoints neededBonus unlockedTransport unlocked
Beginner10Access to Orth Delver Headquarters and Reliquary, for identifying and selling relicsGondola to the Upper Reaches
Novice50Rescue whistle, granting one emergency rescue per sessionGondola to the Leafy Highlands 
Amateur100Enchanted backpack to carry greater weightsGondola to the Lower Crags
Preliminary250Access to Orth Delver HQ’s Commissary, to buy fancier itemsGondola to the Alluring Holt
Intermediate500Access to missions ranked G and higherGondola to the Inverted Forest
Proficient750Access to Seeker CampGondola to the Seeker Camp 
Advanced1000Great Fault mapsGreat Fault elevator
Hero2500Access to Teien OutpostGondola to the Goblet of Giants
Master5000Maps through the ice paths of the Sea of CorpsesGondola to the Sea of Corpses
Legend10000Access to Ido FrontElevator to the Capital of the Unreturned
If you’re confused, check the list of Abyss locations to see where various things are. Also, you can do whatever you want with the secret rank thing. It just brings in a lil mystery.

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