Introduction to Setting

This page is part of my fan-made FATE setting for the anime Made in Abyss. The master document can be found here.

The town of Orth was founded 312 years ago, when the Abyss was discovered in the Beoluska Sea, one of the most remote places on the planet. The mystery and danger of the Abyss, and the incredible wealth and knowledge that could be plucked from within, rapidly attracted people from the world over. Today the city is the home of many delving guilds that plumb the depths of the Abyss.

Despite this island being less than ten kilometres wide, it is home to thousands, who perch on the lip of the Abyss and work together to bring the treasures of the depths to the world. The city relies heavily on the importation of food and resources, and finances this with the sale of relics discovered in the Abyss, which are artifacts and machines created by people long dead. After all, the people of Orth are not the first to have settled around the Abyss. Endless ruins and ancient exoskeletons of civilisations long past suggest that the Abyss has been inhabited by people for thousands of years, and has seen the decline of infinite different cultures.

Relics are items found in the Abyss by delvers during their expeditions. While low class relics have little to no use, the higher the grade the more extraordinary its effects are. The greatest of these are items that can change the world and disrupt the balance of power between nations. Retrieving a single one to the surface can guarantee a prosperous future for a whole city or vastly increase the military potential of a country, depending on its use. It is for these relics that delvers come from other nations, and attacks from foreign delvers are one of the more common causes of death for high-ranked guild members. Most relics are much less useful, but are still unique and can greatly enrich their finder.

Over the years, the settlers of Orth have developed their own unique culture that focuses on the Abyss. This great rift in the earth features heavily in the local religions, which view the Abyss as the final settling point for the souls of the dead, and the gondolas and camps run by the Orth Delver Headquarters are strongly mythologised. Great delvers who have found remarkable relics or reached previously unknown depths are the legendary figures of this town, and all good children aspire to be just like them, even though the most likely ending to their tale will be a grisly death.

Another key point of the Orth culture is their fixation with lamps and lanterns. While most people have a natural interest in lamps, to protect them from what lurks in the dark, lamps on Orth have taken on a spiritual significance. Most delvers carry lamps that have been passed down in their family for generations, and lampmaking is a highly respected vocation. When a family line dies out, their lamps are cast into the depths of the Abyss, and the dead of Orth are burned to free their souls so they can drift ever-downwards. In a way, lamps are the relics that the people of Orth will leave behind.

This campaign will begin with your characters accepting an open call to delvers wishing to join a new exploration guild that is being founded. It is imperative that you create characters with a want to succeed as a delver, although the origin and motivation for your character is up to you. Your patron will be financing the guild and doing much of the administration, but you will all be responsible for running the guild and carrying out missions. The guild will start at the bottom, with no ranking points. Best of luck to you.

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