Skill List and Character Creation

This page is part of my fan-made FATE setting for the anime Made in Abyss. The master document can be found here.

AcademicsYour character’s learned knowledge of the historical, social, and scientific aspects of this setting.
AgilityYour character’s nimbleness and proficiency in gliding or flying, as well as other feats of agility.
AthleticsYour character’s level of fitness and strength.
BurglaryYour character’s aptitude for stealing, breaking into places, and escaping from complex situations. 
ContactsYour character’s skill in knowing the right people and forging new social connections. 
CraftsYour character’s expertise in manufacturing and utilising practical equipment. 
DeceiveYour character’s ability to lie to others.
EmpathyYour character’s aptitude in observing and relating to the emotional cues of others. 
FightYour melee attack skill. Used for any and all character builds that attack in a melee style.
InvestigateYour character’s ability to investigate situations and make discoveries.
LoreYour character’s learned knowledge of the supernatural and arcane aspects of this setting. 
NoticeYour character’s ability to notice elements of their surroundings.
ProvokeYour character’s skill in provoking a negative emotional response from others.
RapportYour character’s skill in provoking a positive emotional response in others.
RelicryYour character’s knack for working with relics and other complicated or archaic machinery.
ResourcesYour character’s access to material resources and wealth, and their ability to obtain it. 
ShootYour ranged attack skill. Used for any and all character builds that attack in a ranged style.
StealthYour character’s knack in avoiding detection. 
WillYour character’s fortitude in resisting the Curse of the Abyss and other psychological challenges

Easy character design:


Pick a high concept. This should be a short sentence that summarises the major facets of your character. Then, pick a trouble. What is your character trying to overcome? What flaws do they have, and what is holding them back? If you can think of them, you may also come up with 1-3 aspects, which are short sentences relating to some aspect of your character.


Pick some skills. Here’s recommended ones for backgrounds and encounter styles. You can also just make it all up, of course. Don’t forget, the only two combat skills are Shoot and Fight, so make sure you pick one or both of those if you intend to be fighting anyone.

Encounter style:

Artificer: Relicry, Crafts

Sorcerer: Lore, Will

Warrior: Athletics, Agility


Merchant: Rapport, Resources, Contacts

Explorer: Notice, Investigate, Crafts

Scientist: Academics, Relicry, Investigate 

Scholar: Academics, Burglary, Lore

Theologist: Lore, Empathy, Will


Come up with some stunts. Stunts are special traits your characters have that let them bend the rules or change the way a skill works for you. Normally, you can have up to three stunts, and you have a refresh of 3, meaning that you start each session with three Fate points. However, you can give up some of your refresh for more stunts, so you could have four stunts and a refresh of 2.

Here’s some example stunts:

  • Always a Way Out. +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.
  • Tough as Nails. Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether.
  • Trust Fund Baby. Twice per session, you may take a boost representing a windfall or influx of cash.
  • Money Talks. You can use Resources instead of Rapport in any situation where ostentatious displays of material wealth might aid your cause.
  • Danger Sense. You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.

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