The Sad English Fish: Some Thoughts on Haddock’s Addiction and Grief in The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

A little while back, in my bande dessinée Discord server, we sat down and watched The Adventures of Tintin (2011), directed by Stephen Spielberg. I hadn’t watched this movie since it came out in cinemas, so I was delighted to see it again and evaluate it once more, this time with my newly acquired expansive... Continue Reading →

Casey Anthony and the Importance of Presumptive Innocence

TW: Child death and child abuse. The trial of Casey Anthony was one that shook the state of Florida. Not because a child had died, and not because it had taken a month for the child’s grandparents to report her missing. No, the trial caused shock and outrage because people were unable to believe that... Continue Reading →

Ampton watches: The Twilight Saga

The other day I was writing about seeing Fortnite gameplay footage for the first time, and today I’m writing about seeing Twilight for the first time. Obviously, my pop culture exposure is behind the times, but better late than never. Back when I was in intermediate school, which was when Twilight became popular, I was... Continue Reading →

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