Ampton Reads Tintin: Launching on the 20th of March

I am delighted to announce that Ampton Reads Tintin will be published on the 20th of March, 2020, at 8pm NZST. This is 3am EDT and 8am CET. This book will be available through the Barnes & Noble website as a physical book and in a variety of e-book formats. The e-book should be priced... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Explorers on the Moon

The last story ended with the main cast getting launched into space in a nuclear rocket and being knocked unconscious by the force of exiting the atmosphere. Hergé needed to work hard in order to make the second half of the story land what the first half had started. And he did it, the absolute... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Destination Moon

For the third and final two-part story Hergé would write for the Tintin series, he was thinking big. He was going to take Tintin somewhere where no one had ever been, which is the ultimate adventure story. He was launching his boy reporter into space. This was no small feat. Yuri Gargarin would not complete... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Land of Black Gold

Land of Black Gold is the Tintin book with the most chaotic publishing history, hands-down. The first version began publication right after King Ottokar's Sceptre, during the period in which Tintin was flying solo and was throwing himself right into world politics, and the second version wasn't started until Hergé had gone through the war... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: Prisoners of the Sun

Let this essay began where the last left off, as promised. Tintin and Haddock need to rescue Calculus, and Hergé needs to wrap up this story with a grand adventure. He'd sent them off to Peru at the end of The Seven Crystal Balls, so now he needed something for them to do there. Prisoners... Continue Reading →

Ampton Reads: The Blue Lotus

Tintin stories are frequently praised for their timelessness, and while the art and humour allows the stories to be read and enjoyed by people today, Hergé's tendency to lampoon specific historical events means that the context of some stories can be lost. Today I'm looking at The Blue Lotus, which arguably suffers from this effect... Continue Reading →

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